.ca ONG // dance mission theater 2019

. find // SFMAF 2019 // Grace Cathedral Labyrinth

. soft wounds (excerpts) // with cinder, ash to ember // Asian Art Museum SF



G R A N T S   & A W A R D S

2018   CA$H Grant award, a grants program of bay area Dancer’s Group

2018   Isadora Duncan Dance Award Winner for Outstanding Individual Performance (Within These Walls, Lenora Lee)

2018  Isadora Duncan Dance Award Nomination for Outstanding Ensemble Performance

2018 1st place, National Performance Network’s 2018 DanceOff

2017 CA$H Grant award, a grants program of bay area Dancer’s Group

2015 Jere Curry Award 2015

A D M I N I S T R A T I V E   W O R K S

2019 Assistant Production, With Cinder Ember to Ash, Asian Improv Arts & Lenora Lee

2018-19 Lenora Lee Dance, Marketing and Communications Associate

2017 Intra Movement, Publicity

C O L L A B O R T I V E  P E R F O R M A N C E W O R K S

2019 Deborah Slater Dance Theater, Solos Lost & Found, SF SFIAF 2019 Fort Mason 5/31-6/2

2019 Lenora Lee Dance, Within these Walls & Dreams of Flight, SF Angel Island 5/4-5/19

2019 Kinetech Arts, Resonance Frequencies, Walking Distance Festival ODC 5/17-5/18

2019 Kristin Damrow, Impact, SF Yerba Buena Forum 1/31-2/2

2018 Lenora Lee Dance, Light, NYC Chen Dance Center 12/17/18

2018 Lenora Lee Dance, MOCATalks: Within These Walls, NYC Museum of Chinese in America                                                              

2018 Catherine Galasso, Of Iron and Diamonds V3: Alone Together, SF ODC Theater 12/6-12/8/18

2018 Christy Funsch & Nol Simonse, Golden Bull, SF Dance Mission Theater, 11/2-11/4/18

2018 Kinetech Arts, Daiane lopes da silva, MESH II, SF Dance Mission Theater  10/19-10/21/18, Lake Tahoe Dance Collective 11/1018

2018 Epiphany Dance Theater, Kim Epifano Embedded, SF MOMA, 10/19-10/21/18

2018 Lenora Lee Dance, Beneath the Surface, SF YMCA 10/6- 10/14/18

2018 Deborah Slater Dance Theater, Incivility pt. 2, SF CounterPulse Combustible Residency, 9/13-9/22/18

2018 Lenora Lee Dance, Stories in Motion, SF Tenderloin

2018 Krista DeNio, Centennial Reckoning draft 1, SF War Memorial Opera House  5/29/18

2018 Push Dance Company, Raissa Simpson, Codelining, Bayview Opera House 4/19/18, African American Culture Complex 4/27-4/28/18

2018 Epiphany Dance Theater, Kim Epifano, Island City Waterways, Alameda 3/18-3/20/18

2018 PunkicCo, Raissa Punkki, Controle, SF ODC Theater 3/15-3/17/18

2018 Zoe Klein, Born Never Asked, SF Dance Mission Theater 2/2-2/4/18

2018 Kinetech Arts,  MESH I, Fresh Festival, 1/20/18

2018 Lenora Lee Dance, AuCo Vietnamese Cultural Center, SF Legion of Honor 3/19/18

2017 Kinetech Arts, Chambers, SF Joe Goode Annex 11/15-11/17/17

2017 Epiphany Dance Theater , Kim Epifano, Trolley Dance 2017, 10/13-10/15/17

2017 Push Dance Company, Raissa Simpson, Mothership II, SF ODC Theater  9/22/-9/24/17

2017 Lenora Lee Dance, Within These Walls, SF Angel Island Immigration Station 9/9-9/10, 9/16-9/17

2017 Kinetech Arts, MESH, Combustible Residency, SF Counterpulse 9/7-9/19/17, 9/14-9/16/17

2017 Epiphany Dance Theater, Kim Epifano, Last Blue Couch in the Sky, SF Yerba Buena Forum, 6/2-6/4/18

2017 theMoveMessengers, Angela Dice Nguyen, Spilled Ink,  Sausalito Library 6/30/17

2017 theMoveMessengers, Angela Dice Nguyen, Hummingbird, SF Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, 6/10/17, SF Dance Mission Theater 10/15/17

2017 Luccas Hatton, Raw Man Nam War, UC DAVIS, 3/11-3/12/17

2017 Scarlett Cushion, Bell in the Blood, EDGE Residency SF Counterpulse, 4/13-4/15, 4/20-4/22/17

2016 Epiphany Dance Theater, Kim Epifano, Trolley Dances 2016, 10/7-10/9/16

2016 PUSH dance Company, Raissa Simpson, Mothership I, PUSHfest, SF ODC Theater 9/23-9/25/16

2016 Intra Movement, Strung, SF SAFEhouse Arts, 7/13-7/14/16

2016 Robert Moses Kin, 21 Fully Realized Thoughts, SF Z SPACE 5/19-5/21/18

2016 Todd Thomas Brown, this now, D.I.R.T. Festival, SF Dance Mission

2016 Joe Kye, Migrants, SF Red Poppy Arthouse

O R I G I N A L  P E R F O R M A N C E  W O R K S

2019 soft wounds, duet with my mother Moui Lu to honor her life’s experiences, with cinder, ash to ember, SF Asian Art Museum

2019 wait & weight, voicing of the Mekong & Sea Beings, D.I.R.T. festival, SF Dance Mission

2019 us, we, 6 cycles of reoccuring scores based on those present, SF Grace Cathedral, SFMAF

2018 moui thi lu, 30-minute performance work based on mother’s imprisonment,

SF Asian Art Museum 5/31/18

2018 i, you, 6 cycles of reoccurring loop movement with audience interaction,

SF Grace Cathedral, SFMAF, 1/19/18

2018 residual, PUSH lab summer intensive, SF ODC Theater PUSHfest, 9/29-9/30/18

2017 if, 45-minute performance work based on parents immigration journey, SF SafeHouse Arts, 11/1-11/2/18

T E A C H I N G  E X P E R I E N C E

2018 PUSHlab, Co-Choreographer with Courtney Hope, Lines Ballet & ODC Theater

2017 Berkeley Repertory Theater, Berkeley CA, Assistant Director Summer Program, Creative Movement

2016 Bay Area Bhutanese Youth, Movement collaborator with Dohee Lee

2016-17 PUSH outreach, SF African American Arts Cultural Center, hiphop  

2015 Encina HighSchool, Sacramento CA,  choreography & improvisation

2011-15 Consumnes River College, Hiphop PRDGM Dance Company


2019 Djerassi, Sara Shelton Mann

2018 B12, Berlin, Dock11

2018 Djerassi, Sara Shelton Mann

2018 Fresh Festival, SF Joe Goode Annex

2016 LA, Axis Connect

2015 Movement Research, Melt, NYC

2015 UC DAVIS Bachelor of Arts - Dramatic Arts: Theater and Dance, Dean’s list

2015 UC DAVIS Bachelor of Arts - Communication, Dean’s list

2009-12 Consumnes River College - Communication